R-Car W2R (R7S720004)

Communication Module: IEEE 802.11p
Name: R-Car W2R (R7S720004)
Manufacturer: Renesas
Mounting Style: SMD
Packaging: 176 pins FPBGA
Dimensions: 10 x 10 mm
Protocol: IEEE 802.11p
Modulation: –
Frequency: 5,875 to 5,925 GHz
Data Rate: –
Output Power: –
Sensitivity: –
Interface Type: Host Interface (SDIO) & Memory Interface (I2C)
Antenna Type: –
Voltage Supply: 3.3 V (I/O) & 1,2V (Core)
Current (Transmitting): –
Current (Sleep): –
Current (Idle): –
Temperature Range (Operation): -40°C … +125°C
Communication Range: –
Comments: Not available information about the specs of the module – no available chips on market
Price: 30 EUROS
Applicability level for SAFE STRIP: 1
Link (for more information): https://www.renesas.com/en-us/solutions/automotive/products/rcar-w2r.html