Colibri i.MX 7Solo

Name: Colibri i.MX 7Solo
Manufacturer: Toradex
Mounting Style: Equipped with a 200-Pin SODIMM edge connector
Packaging: SoC
Dimensions: 67.6 x 36.7 x 6.2 mm
Core: 1x Cortex™-A7 800MHz & Cortex™-M4 200MHz
Number of Cores: 2
Data Bus Width: 16 Bit External Bus (Multiplexed)
Max Clock Frequency: 800MHz (1st Core) / 200MHz (2nd Core)
Memory Size:
Data RAM Size: 256MB
Data RAM Type: DDR3 RAM (32 Bit)
Data ROM Size: 512MB
Data ROM Type: NAND (8 Bit) Flash
Number of I/Os: GPIOs (up to 123)
Number of A/D Channels: 4
ADC Resolution: 12-bit
Number of D/A Channels: 20
Number of Timers/Counters: two eight-channel timers / –
Interface Type: USB (1x Host*, 1x OTG)
I2C (4x), SPI (4x), UART (7x), IrDA (1x)
Ethernet (1x 10/100 Mbit IEEE1588)
Ethernet RMII*
CAN (2x)
RGB (1920x1080x24bpp)
Resistive Touch (4-wire)
Camera Parallel Interface (1x)
Analog Audio Line in (Stereo)
Analog Audio Mic in (Mono)
Analog Audio Headphone out (Stereo)
Operating Supply Voltage: 3.3V main power supply
Temperature Range (Operation): -20° to 85° C
Temperature Range (Storage): -20° to 85° C
Price: 58.75 Euros
Run Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage): 3.3V
Run Mode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max): 100 uWatt/MHz (Cortex-A7)
70 uWatt/MHz (Cortex-M4)
Stand by Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage): 3.3V
Stand by Mode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max): 250 uWatt
Sleep Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage):
Sleep Mode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max):
Applicability level for SAFE STRIP:
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