Solution Name: C-ITS 3G/4G/LTE
Description: C-ITS utilizing conventional cellular communication channels
Previous Applications: V2X for non-critical communications
Link (for more information): http://www.hh.se/download/18.352c7b5d155a1a7a4b9a587b/1467889568280/WWVC2015Sachs_Cellular_V2X_distribution-160707.pdf

Applicability Level: Fully applicable
Restrictions: Random delays in communication path
SAFE STRIP Benefits: • To open a new carrier for introducing micro and nano sensors in road applications, transforming pavement and other roadside markings and elements into a smart miniaturised integrated platform.
• To offer a low-cost efficient solution reducing the infrastructure manufacturing and installation cost about 50% – 95%.
SAFE STRIP Innovations Use of existing technologies of cellular communication system, to provide usable and reliable information to vehicles for safety and non-safety applications