Sensor Name: WISECOW-T

Manufacturer: HIKOB

Mounting Style:

Dimensions: 5.7×5.4 cm cylinder

Core Frequency: 2480 MHz

Number of Cores:

Data Bus Width:

Maximum Frequency: 2480 MHz

Memory Size:

RAM Size:

RAM Type:

ROM Size:

ROM Type:

Number of I/O ports:

Number of A/D Channels:

ADC Resolution:

Number of D/A Channels:

Number of Counters/Timers:

Interface Type:

Operating Supply Voltage:

Temperature Range (Operation): -40 to + 85 °C

Temperature Range (Storage):

Run Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage):

Run Mode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max):

Stand By Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage):

Stand ByMode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max):

Sleep Mode Conditions (Clock Fr./ Voltage):

Sleep Mode Consumption(Min/Typ/Max):


Link: http://www.hikob.com/en/product/hikob-wisecow-magnetometer-sensor/